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White Face is a character added to Baldi's Basics 4 only when it's Halloween.

It likes to be considered as, "C-001" which stands for "Character-001"


Coming out of the "Fog" and chasing the player.

Baldi's Basics 4 Camp Edition

He Appears being a secret character when if you go past the no signs he will appear near one side of the border

Baldi's Basics 4

He will take the role of Gotta Sweep


  • Static screeching noises* - Replaces "LOOKS LIKE ITS SWEEPING TIME!" and "GOTTA SWEEP SWEEP SWEEP!" line. Named mus_AAA (lol.)
  • RUUUOOOOOUOUUUUUU *Scream continues* - When the player gets swept into Baldi and dies. Named mus_die
  • RARARARARARARARARARARA(loops) - When sprayed with BSoda, named mus_rageoof


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Nonscary  Will find in the lunch room