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RootBeerFan RootBeerFan 12 October 2018

25th (it is a contest to know which ear nugget meme is best)

make your own ear nugget meme or fanart or even vine complitions!

to make your own meme use modern memes or imagflip and to make your fanart you need to have microsoft paint or other programs, to make a complition, buy sony vegas pro 7 or any version you want to buy.. if you have any questions about ear nugget comment down below! until it is november 25th i will tell the truth about ear nugget ( spoiler alert: ear nugget is his name!? or is it?)  here is a story if you can theory it or something XD     anyways here is the story: lincoln loud and his sisters are going to a party so they and lincoln loud got inside of a long car and lincoln loud said "i wonder what the party is gonna be like!" then luan

loud looked outside and saw a sign, it s…

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RootBeerFan RootBeerFan 18 September 2018

Ear Nugget Meme Contest

make your own meme about ear nugget or even fanarts! i'll vote who's meme and fanart is best! also it will end on september 30th
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