Baldi's Basics Roblox Wiki


Controlled by a player.
Only enemy that can kill you.
Many things notify him of
your location. He gets faster
the more notebooks you collect.
Baldi wins if the time runs out.


If you bump into
her, she will make you jump in
place for a few seconds and
take all of your stamina.

The Principal Of The Thing

If he catches
you running, he will teleport
you to the Principals office
and take all of your stamina.

Gotta Sweep

Update since V1.4.1
When it's
Sweepin' Time, he will move
around the school and sweep up
anyone in his way!

Its A Bully

Bully final.png

He's the bully of
the school, and he won't let
you pass until you cough up an

Arts & Crafters

Crafters Normal.png

Running into
him will cover your screen in
paint for a long time.

1st Prize

1st price.png

The winning science
experiment, this mech will
fling you in the opposite
direction you're walking.