Baldi's Basics Roblox Wiki

The Schoolhouse Roleplay is a RP game created by noobOfRW.[1]

Game description

Welcome to Baldi's Basics Roleplay, thats me!

You can become a Baldi character or roleplay with them!

(If you find bugs, probably in the future i will find them and fix them).

Mega update coming after Baldi's Basics Plus!

Mega Update

Te mega update is a possibly cancelled update that was planned for The Schoolhouse Roleplay.


-Currencies to buy different characters.

-Characters with special abilities and sounds.

-OC creator.

-Item stores around all the maps.

-Music added for detention rooms.

-Many maps to play in.

-SASB: Secret Alternate Shop of Baldi. Where Filename2 will be selling special characters in Baldi's Office.

-Achievemets in all of the maps.

-Day and night cycle.

Update Log


- Ended piggy event.


- Fall theme.