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The Schoolhouse is a ROBLOX game inspired by The original Baldi's Basics. It is owned by HALFBYTE.

In this game Baldi needs to hunt down the students before they collect all 7 notebooks and escape school. The Notebooks are collected by the students together, and when they all collect 7 notebooks they can escape school. There are only up to 4 students in this game, which makes it really hard to beat, especially if someone leaves mid-game.


Viewing skins in The Schoolhouse

  • Skins - This version features a Skin system which is considered as inferior to Baldi's Basics Online skin system, and also inferior to Baldi's Basics Multiplayer skin system. In The Schoolhouse, the skins are split into two groups: Teacher (Baldi) skins, and Ruler skins. You cannot buy skins individually, and you cannot inspect them (other than watching an image of them).
  • Shop - This version features a shop and currency system where you can buy loot boxes that bring out cosmetic items to change your appearance in the game.
  • Player Baldi - This version features a playable Baldi.
  • Cutscenes - This game has cutscenes.