Talkery is a character in Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning.

Appearence Edit

Talkery is a 3D speaker box. His cone and gasket are light grey, and his main body is dark grey.

Mechanics Edit

When you collect the 2 notebooks, Talkery will start to roam around the halls. When he finds you, he will follow you until he has lost you.

Whenever any character from the Schoolhouse gets near from the player, Talkery will warn the player.

When you splash BSoda at him, he will malfunction and not warn the player after 15 seconds.

After 15 seconds, Talkery will apologize to you and keep warning you.

When you splash WSoda at him, he will explode after 50 seconds.

When he comes back, he will spawn in a random location.

He can only be deactivated when HorrorTime is near him, when he is deactivated, after 30 seconds, he will roam around the halls until he has found you.

If you splash BSoda at him 3 times, he will start chasing you at the speed when you're running while saying "That's it, i'm teleporting you right into baldi, you evil person!" When Talkery touches the player, he will teleport the player right in the same spot where Arts and Crafters touches you.

When he gets angry, he can be pushable with the BSoda, after some seconds it will not be pushable.

In the secret ending, his NPC will not show in any of the areas.

In the Birthday Bashwhen you're about to blow the candle, as always, he'll follow you. He'll interact with stuff when the player sees it. When all of the red baldi balloons appear his NPC dissapears after the "RSB_Scream" sound file plays.

In the Full Game Public Demo, his idle sprite is replaced with a poorly drawn one, when clicking on him, it will display a sound file saying:


This means Talkery won't help you during the Full Game Public Demo, as hes "out of order".

Sprites Edit

Talkery active
Talkery walk
Talkery Poster

Quotes Edit

You've just collected the second notebook. I'm Talkery! I'll be guiding you whenever something dangerous is coming ahead of you.

Warning, Baldi is near. You better be careful!

Theres the bully! Don't let him take any of your stuff.

Gotta Sweep is activated, don't let him sweep you!

Yikes! You got caught by the principal. Try to survive or else Baldi will get you!

Arts & Crafters is too jealous, don't have more notebooks than him, or you will get teleported right into baldi!

Playtime is coming, get ready to jumprope!

Warning, Pencil Boy is near, don't let him stab you with his pencil!

Warning! Granny has a bat! Don't let her kill you!

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