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TAKE YA PILLS is a metamorphic lifeform that isn't from planet earth.


Old but now New: Take ya pills is a red and white pill with fire.

Pre-New: Take ya pills is a blue and red badly drawn pill.

Pre-Newer: Take ya pills is a blue and red oval-shaped pill.

Even more Pre-New: Take ya pills is a 3d red and blue pill.

What does it do?

Once you eat it, it will fill up your sprint bar for 1 minute.

Once Baldi, Playtime or This is a Bully eat it, they will fall asleep for 10 minutes.

Once Gotta sweep sweeps it up, gotta sweep will be stuck for half a minute.

Once backspace is pressed, TAKE YA PILLS will be dropped onto the floor.



  • The OFFICIAL gender reveal of TAKE YA PILLS is Male.
  • Nobody has permission to take his sprite.

Creator's Notes

  • He is a frikin BOI.
  • The other sprites were taken as not new due to the fire not being there, please submit your sprites here.
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