Security is It's A Bully but he moves and steals you're items in game

Appearance Edit

Security has a orange bar a plain shirt and a sign that says STOP! like a stop sign on the road.


He steals Your Items And Game Over If Baldi Near You And He Steals Your BSODA

In GameEdit

Since Security Steals You're Items He Has A Bully Releated Script.


Trivia Edit

  • Security first appears in Any Mode. Of (NIGHT TIME IS BACK!) Baldi's Basics
    • Security Does Not Like Any Items
  • Security is one of the charcters that makes you unlucky
  • Security's Look Was Soon Scraped And Changed in Baldi's Better Basics.
  • Security's Old Look Was Missed By Alot Of Pepole After It Was Scraped.
  • Soon In Security's New Look Some Pepole Liked it.
  • Usullay As Security Moves Its Like The Principal Movement.
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