He is A Guitar With A Smile

What he Does Edit

He will Say Gotta Jam When Someone is Pushed He is Gotta Sweep As Broomer

Reaper Edit

His Reaper Sprite On Broom it Will Say I WANT CORN Not I LIKE CORN

Reaper Sprites Edit

Sounds Edit

GOTTA JAM JAM JAM - When Someones Pushed

Looks Like its Jamming Time - Starting To Get Out Of The Closet

Removed Edit

Gotta....Ooh..He's...Gone.Phew - in Game Files

Gotta Jam - in Game Files

JACKPOT! - in Game Files/Joe's Pinball Game

No Updates - in Game Files

WOW - in Game Files (Warning Loud)

®Rock Rolley

His Main Sprite

Broomer Reaper v2

His Reaper Sprite

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