Red Player is a Character Added in This Mod He is Scrapped in V1.2.3 Beta Release V1, He is A Roblox Player Thats Edited Red

Stuff Edit

Red Player is a Red Character Who Pushes People in The Halls Sometimes he Gets Stuck in Classrooms Like The Hidden Empty Room And The Wooden Wall Classroom He is Later Have a New Picture Because People Hated it And his New one is Not Dithered And i Replaced it To The Old One Some People Liked it

  • His New Picture is Scrapped
  • His Old One is Used

About Edit

There was a item in-Game Named Building Tools To Move Any Character Around But its Scrapped Because People Messed it Up This is The items That Are Scrapped:

  • Building Tools
  • Basketball
  • Alarm Boot
  • ice Cream
  • Alarm Clock
  • Keys


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