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Old Principal (or Mr. Principal) Is A Character That Appeared in Old Baldi's Basics and 6 other roblox games. (some of them are scrapped)

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Old Baldi's Basics By Ryansoplaying.

His Appearance Is Similar to the original Principal Except a Few Changes. He has a light grey shirt, black pants, black shoes and black hair. his eyes are open and seems to be smiling. This game is he's first appearance in the "Baldi's Basics Roblox Games".

Baldi's Basics In Recreating Old Stuff By Ryansoplaying (Cancelled).

He looks similar to the first version. but now his face is distorted and looks like a frown with his legs glitching just like the original prinicpal.

Old Baldi's Basics In Recreating New Stuff By Flumptyking22 (Discontinued)

Now he is back with the original appearance. but now he has brown hair and a red shirt.

Old Baldi's Return By Flumptyking22 (Scrapped).

He looks more HD (just like the original image) and his eyes are now censored(just like the first poster of him in the office)

Old Baldi:Remastered(Scrapped)

Its now a different person and his eyes are still censored.

Baldi's Basics Pre Update Again

He is one of the many threats that walking around the schoolhouse, He is also known as "Vice Principal" in this game

Baldi's Basics in education and learning (Purplefoxy493 edition)

He is not much of a threat, He is Known as "Vice Principal" just like in Baldi's Basics Pre Update Again

Images Of Him