Old Old Baldi's Basics In Weird Stuff is game by thebendythedemon.

How it started. Edit

How it started was thebendythedemon making a Baldi obby in a minion admin game. She built a Baldi which was the old baldi you see in the thumbnail, and then the rest became history.

Characters Edit

Main characters Edit

Old Old Baldi Edit

Baldi will follow the closest player he sees, making him a threat once seen.

Old Old Playtime Edit

She heals you by hugging, which is useful if you get punched once by the guard. If you manage to cut her rope, she will be sad, but still heal you. She turns into a threat in Final School, having a fat look. She will teleport you to her stomach upon interaction.

Barney (Guard) Edit

Barney is the guard for the game. He is a big threat because he punches you and your health goes down. He can be killed by the Crowbar.

Old Old Principal Edit

He is the same as the ryanso principal. He will give detention for no reason when he sees you.

Old Old Bully Edit

He is the same as It's a Wizard. He only takes quarters due to his "quarter collection".

Old Old Gotta Sweep Edit

He trips you upon interaction and pushes you. When he could trip and push you in interaction, he could be annoying, but he isn't really annoying. If your lucky enough, he would push the npcs to you. You'll need to run away fast enough to get the npcs pushed into the wall, making you have a chance to run away.

Let's Drum Edit

He trips you upon interaction.

Old Old 1st Prize Edit

Donut worry, ilI fix tee infomaotion! -Baldi

Old Old Arts and Crafters Edit

Only seen in Final School. Will teleport the player to the entrance upon interaction.

Other characters Edit

Filename2 Edit

Found in his office. He will appear as a threat in Final School. He will stun the player upon interaction.

G-Man Edit

Appears as a major character in the G-Man ending.

Sheep Edit

Only appears in the Farm. He acts the same as Let's Drum.

Walter Edit

Walter is a scientist that is a reference to the game half-life (Like barney and G-man.)

Walter heals you (about 30+ health) with a syringe and also saying "I can give you something for the pain."

Scrapped characters Edit

Obama Edit

He is a joke.

Bob Edit

He would've done annoying teleportation upon interaction.

The Supendium Edit

He would've wander around the school and sang.

Secret badges Edit

Filename2 badge Edit

In order to get this badge, you must go to the left corner where the elevator is. You might see a fake wall. Walk into it to Filename2's office and you will get the badge. Note that characters may still get you here.

Two Golden Items badge Edit

Because of the golden items being OP, owner thebendythedemon has told people not to make the badge easy to find. Here is a tip: It's near the Filename2 badge.

Me sa badge Edit

Doesn't exist anymore.

G-Man badge Edit

To get this badge, find the Faculty Room and take the watch to the final school. If you insert the watch into the door, you'll get teleported to G-man's area. You originally were going to turn into a morph when getting the badge.

G-man Denial badge Edit

To get this badge you must do what ya did for the other G-man badge but then wait for a certian ammount of time and then G-man will kick you out of the train into space where you will die and get the badge.

when he kicks you out he says "Well I guess we wont be working together, No regrets Mr Freeman."

Interactions Edit

Lockers Edit

Red Locker Edit

Does nothing.

Cyan Locker Edit

You can click on them to open/close them. Usable for "hiding".

Blue Locker Edit

They contain a Dangerous Teleporter.

Vending Machines Edit

BSODA Machine Edit

You need a quarter to operate the machine. Once you insert the quarter, go inside of the machine to get the BSODA.

Zesty Machine Edit

Pretty much the same as the BSODA machine When you use the bsoda on characters the zesty will make you fast

Items Edit


Gallery Edit

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