Baldi's Basics Roblox Wiki

Old Baldi Is A Character That Appeared in Old Baldi's Basics and 7 other roblox games. (some of them are scrapped)


Old Baldi's Basics By Ryansoplaying.

His Apparance is similar to Baldi but differently modeled and his ruler seems to be brown.

Baldi's Basics In Recreating Old Stuff By Ryansoplaying (Cancelled).

His Appearance has a few changes. His mouth/lips has changed and has no eyebrows. Tho his eyes turn a bit derpy when he is smaking his ruler.

Old Baldi's Basics In Recreating New Stuff By Flumptyking22 (Discontinued).

The Only Changes Are, His Hands are now circles, his arms seems to be longer, he has no neck and his head looks like the orignal head from the first game.

Old Baldi's Return By Flumptyking22 (Scrapped).

His Design Has Completely Changed. Now He Has a Triangle Nose And Has No Eye Brows(Except When He Frowns.

Old Baldi's Basics:Remasterd By Flumptyking22 (Scrapped).

He Looks a Bit Like The Original one but his pupils are a bit bigger.

Baldi’s Basics (FIXED) by BenjaminA123456.

He appears in a secret room by the room next to the cafeteria that has a notebook, he doesn’t move or attack the player as well as not slapping his ruler at all and has four memes in the same room as him.

Voice Lines/Sounds