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NoobTime is a character in Old Baldi's Basics and 6 other roblox games. (some of them are scrapped)


He will sent you a lot of friend requests and tripping you.


Old Baldi's Basics

NoobTime looks like playtime but as a roblox noob, a sign saying "NOOB", and hair like Playtime.

Baldi's Basics In Recreating Old Stuff

He completely redrawn and has 1 arrow on his sign.

Old Baldi's Basics In Recreating New Stuff

Completely redrawn again but now has 2 arrows on his sign.

Old Baldi's Return(Scrapped)

Now he seems to be a 3D Model Paint 3D.

Baldi's Basics Pre Update Again

He is one of the many threats that walking around the schoolhouse.

Appearances in other games

Ryanso's New Baldi's Basics

In Ryanso's Baldi's Basics, NoobTime makes a cameo when Playtime is splashed with Yellow Paint.

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