Mickey's Poster Seen in Office (")

Mickey is A Mouse Who Can Punch Baldi, He Can Also Say To The Player Hot Dog For 2 Times

Trivia Edit

  • He is a Character From Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

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Weapons To Kill Baldi Edit

Punch - TBA

Bsoda - TBA

Knife With Blood - TBA

Hammer - TBA

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Voicelines Edit

i Will Kill You Baldi-i-i-i-i-i - When Killing Baldi

Hay Baldi, I Hate You Now i Kill You With This Hammer-r-r-r - When Getting The Hammer

Good - ???

Hay Mario Whats You Doing - When Saying Hello To Mario

Mad Voicelines Edit

YoU ShOuLd NoT DoNe ThAt! - When Echo is Off

WhY DiD YoU DO ThAt! - When Echo is Off

*Aitch Noise* - WHEn

Very Angry Voicelines Edit

*Angry Scream* - When The Player Kills Mickey

*Hidden Message* - a Hidden Message Hard Tto Think What He's Saying

Fan-made Games He is On Edit

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