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"Time To Drum!" ― Let's Drum

Lets Drum roams Around the Area in the Beta-Version, Unexpectedly After a While, He plays Drums Saying "I Love to Drum!" Repeating 4 Times.

It's shares the same characters from roblox Baldi's Basics, Lets Drum and SuperIntendent are the both edited characters to be needed in roblox.

This Character appears in Baldi's Basics Multiplayer, Baldi's Basics Online and Baldi's Basics Pre Update Again


If you bump into him, he might want you to hear his drums and will mute you for a while!


"Time To Drum!"

"Let's Drum!"

"I LOVE TO DRUM!" (4x)


  • Let's Drum has his counterpart Named: Let's Taiko the blue version of Let's Drum From Baldi's Basics Pre Update Again. This has nothing to do Baldi's Basics Multiplayer by only can be seen in the fanart in the basketball stage.
  • Lets Drum was the 4th one to be created.
  • Due to ROBLOX moderation, Let's Drum's face was removed in Baldi's Basics Multiplayer but is still seen in Baldi's Basics Pre Update Again.
  • Let's Drum is actually megahammer, a developer of Baldi's Basics Multiplayer, but edited to be purple and weird.
  • Let's Drum is the 1st featured character in Baldi's Basics roblox games.
  • If you invert Let's Drum's colors, he will look a little bit like Let's Taiko.


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