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Filename2 is a corrupted character that appears in Baldi's Office after finishing the game with all notebook questions answered wrong in the original Baldi's Basics.

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He Appears To Be A T-Posing Set Of Clothes, Hair, And Eyes. He Claims That He Is Corrupted And Warns The Player To Never Tell Anyone About The Game, Close It, And Never Play It Again. If The 15263 Waits For Him To Finish His Dialogue, The game Will Crash, He Wears A Blue Set Of Jeans And A Red T-Shirt.


  • He tells the player to delete the game in the original version of Baldi's Basics: Birthday Bash, but in the game's rules said to be "no breaking the fourth wall" of the game. This will not put him in detention, as Principal of the Thing isn't around at that time.
  • filename2 is actually an edited image of Joshua Valent in chroma key without feet, arms, and face, the pants were taken from mystman12.
    • When voicing filename2, mystman12 used a distorted version of his natural speaking voice while using the audio-editing program Audacity. It was encoded by GSM 6.10 and set the sample rate to 8000 while editing the voice.
    • It is a high possibility that the Zalgo-texted parts of the Classic and Birthday Bash descriptions were written by filename2, telling the player to not download them, as he does not want the player to play the game.
    • filename2's voice is heard at the end of the Kickstarter video, congratulating the player on finishing the video.filename2's voice is heard at the end of the Kickstarter video, congratulating the player on finishing the video.
      • In the Kickstarter video, Joshua Valent can be seen doing a T-pose in a striking fashion to filename2, during a short sequence after mystman12 starts laughing about the "lore". Although he does has a haircut and wear a red T-shirt like filename2, Joshua's pants is a pair of brown shorts rather than blue jeans.
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