®Dr. Franky Failed

Failed Math You Learned (unseen)

®Dr. Franky

Without Hammer (UNUSED FOR ALPHA 2)

®Dr. Franky Hammer

Item: Dr. Tom's Hammer

DR. Franky with Hammer Anim8or version

With Hammer Anim8or Version

Dr. Franky Fail Anim8or version

Failed Math You Learned Anim8or Version

Dr. Franky No Mask Anim8or version

Anim8or version Wthout Mask

DR. Franky Anim8or version

Dr. Tom Without Hammer Anim8or Version

DR. Franky's Hammer Anim8or version

Hammer On Anim8or Version

Sadly a Upcoming Character For Baldi's Basics PLUS Its Like Dr. Reflex But a Other Doctor Thats Dr. Tom He Likes People Testing Other Math You Won't Learn

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