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Diamond Baldi is a Skin in Baldi's Basics Multiplayer and Baldi's Basics Online. The skin gives a cosmetic change only and it does not effect gameplay.


Baldi's Basics MultiplayerEdit

In Baldi's Basics Multiplayer the skin is identical to the original Player Baldi skin, except the player will have a blue/cyan shirt instead of a green one.

You can obtain this skin in two ways:

  • Purchasing the 'DIAMOND BALDI!' Gamepass which costs 800 robux.
  • Join the group 'Good Ape' which gives it for free.

Baldi's Basics OnlineEdit

This skin is a Legendary skin which gives Player Baldi a completely new outfit with a top hat and a new ruler as you can see in the picture. This is also the only skin that emits particles.

You can obtain this skin in one way, by buying the 'Diamond Baldi' gamepass, which currently costs 400 robux.


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