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Cyborg is A New Character in Baldi's Basics in Special Things 100, But it is Scrapped Because it Had Many Bugs He Had a Unused Gallery Showing his Arms, Legs And Hair

Appearance Edit

He is Wearing Anything Brown (Expect: Hair, Legs, Arms)

Gallery Edit

His Poster in The Principal's Office

Unused/Gallery Edit


Trivia Edit

  • His Sprite is Made By MS Paint
  • The Poster is Edited On MS Paint
  • There is No Dithered Effect

Quotes Edit

  • Hello, i Cyborg
  • i Will Help you
  • i Like You Player
  • Don't Touch Me Characters
  • Have a Nice Day
  • i Heard Someone Lets Play With Them

Livesteam Edit

  • Hi
  • Lets Play Hide and Seek
  • No One Heard Me Yet
  • Hehe
  • Oh No, Baldi is Near!
  • No Looking At Secrets in The Halls!

Unused Edit

Hello (a Short Sound Of Saying Hello it is Scrapped Because The Low And High Pitch Happens)

Get Away Wizard (A Voice Talking to Wizard Royal Away)


Unseen Content Edit

He is Big Like Trumpet Boy

Notes: Edit

  • The Poster in A Beta Version Of Baldi's Basics in Special Things it Says A Here School Guy That Does Nothing to You But in PC Update They Fixed Text to A Man Who Will Keep You Safe But He Hates Characters And Vilians He Be NICE!

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Bugs Edit

  • When Walking Near Him He Will Follow The Player Everywhere To Remove it is Shutting Down Your Computer Prior To V13.2
  • in Beta Versions Or Old Versions Cyborg Will Not Tell The Player And Go's Away Prior To Beta And Old
  • When Gotta Sweep Sweeps Him He Be Glitched Out Of The Map in Dev Builds

Unused Edit

He is Unused

Fake Quotes Edit

Good Unused A Little Bad Nice


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