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Clown is a Legendary skin for Player Baldi. It's exclusive for Baldi's Basics Online. This skin can be purchased for 3,000 Gold (in-game currency), or can be obtained through halloween loot box.


This skin will make Player Baldi look like a Clown. It will also replace his Ruler with a Balloon (which is shaped like a giraffe).

Special InteractionsEdit

This skin will change the interaction with Baconhair when he steals an item from baldi (it will replace the original voice line with a different one).

Event Quote Audio
Stealing a Ruler Oh wow! a Limited Ruler! Thanks so much!
Noob Steal Ruler Classic
Oh wow! a Limited Balloon! Thanks so much!
(Clown Skin)
Noob Steal Ruler Clown


  • Since the game didn't came out on time, this skin won't be available untill next year.

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