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RobloxIcon This article belongs to the Baldi's Basics Multiplayer ROBLOX Game.

Classic is the default skin for Player Baldi in Baldi's Basics Multiplayer and Baldi's Basics Online. In the multiplayer version however, it is unnamed.

This skin is given (and equipped) by default to every new player who joins the game for the first time.


Baldi's Basics MultiplayerEdit

In BBM Player Baldi is a R6 character with a round head. Technically he does not wear any clothes. The green and blue colors come from his body parts, which gives the illusion of a green shirt with blue pants.

Baldi's Basics OnlineEdit

The skin is a white character with a rounded head, a green Shirt and Jeans/Blue pants. When the skin is equipped, the Bust shot will be shown in the inventory.


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