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Chalkles is a chalkboard-dwelling character in Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning.

Description Edit

Chalkles appears as a scribbled face drawn in chalk. The circular face appears to have a "mustache", two buck teeth, a button nose, and two eyes. The left eye is bigger than the right.

Personality Edit

Chalkles' description from the Principal's Office suggests that they love to cause mischief around Here School.

Role Edit

Chalkles appears on an empty chalkboard in one of the classrooms, slowly manifesting in it. Unless the Player leaves the classroom in a few seconds, Chalkles will pop out of the chalkboard and rotate around the Player while making a creepy laugh-like sound, attracting Baldi's attention and preventing the Player from escaping the classroom for a few seconds.

Chalkles ascends to the ceiling after 3 seconds while following the Player. At that time, the Player will be able to open the classroom door.

Trivia Edit

  • Chk name-sharedassets3.assets-226
    One of the chalkboards used since the public demo first shows a hint to Chalkles' existence. Chalkles later made their first physical debut in the Kickstarter exclusive demo.
  • The audio files of Chalkles have same prefix (Chk) as the chalkboards' file name.
  • Chalkles' name is likely a pun by the two words "chalk" and "chuckles" mixed together, hence their appearance and laughter.


Audio Edit

Audio Description
Chk Spawn-sharedassets3.assets-378
Chalkles' spawning sound.
Chk Laugh-sharedassets3.assets-387
Chalkles' laughing sound.

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