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RobloxIcon This article belongs to the Baldi's Basics Multiplayer ROBLOX Game.

Bendy is a Skin in Baldi's Basics Multiplayer and Baldi's Basics Online. The skin gives a cosmetic change only and it does not effect gameplay.


Baldi's Basics MultiplayerEdit

In Baldi's Basics Multiplayer the skin gives Player Baldi a new R6 Deamon Bendy package, and it will replace his ruler with a crowbar (although it seems like it's misplaced). Instead of emitting the ruler slap sound, the skin will emit weird sounds.

The Bendy gamepass alows the player to join the game with the Bendy skin even if a Player Baldi is already playing the game, which allows to have two Player Baldi's in one round.

Baldi's Basics OnlineEdit

In Baldi's Basics Online the skin doesn't have a special package but it is a R15 character with baldi's clothes and accessories. This skin also changes baldi's face, which is something that no other skin has done in-game.


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