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"Does anyone want to see somethin' cool?" ― Beans

Beans is a gum-chewing student of Here School from Baldi's Basics.


Beans is a 2D-drawn human with a big mouth, pink upper lip or teeth gums, and wears a purple and yellow striped helicopter cap. He has bulging eyes, crooked teeth, floating flat eyebrows, and a massive chin. He wears a sleeveless bubblegum-pink shirt and deep magenta pants.

He speaks with a distorted, echoing "mechanical" voice which can almost make all of his quotes difficult to understand what he's actually saying.


Beans likes to "impress" others by blowing out bubble gum bubbles but warns the people to not let an adult see it, meaning that if he does it, he will get in detention.

However, instead, he spits on them and he'll start to get scared and will start to run.

Artificial Intelligence

Upon anyone coming into his line of sight, Beans will spit a big pink bubble gum wad through the hallways. Whoever comes in contact with the gum wad, whether it be the Player or another NPC, will be caught in the sticky gum and have their movement speed drastically reduced for 10 seconds. Upon getting hit by a gum wad, the Player will be vulnerable to pursuing characters, including Baldi, Playtime, Principal of the Thing, etc. The Player's inventory is also covered by a bubble gum, making hard to know which item is selected. It's a Bully and Chalkles are the only characters who were immune to Beans' bubble gum.

Beans can be helpful on occasions, as he uses a bubble gum to slow riskier characters (e.g: Baldi and Principal of the Thing) down. The bubble gum can go through closed doors.

Beans only dwells in the corridors but cannot enter any rooms, similar to Playtime.