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Is a game created by the user noobOfRW what is saga named The Baldiverse Series,what is planed to have 21 Seasons and 7 chapters of many game styles of Roblox but is this time the game have Roleplay,survival and tycoon and the 14/09/19 the Baldiverse Series (Classic) will open (or closed for the lag) and the Baldiverse Series II will open starting with the Baldi's World Season IV: Obby (in other game obviously).

Baldiverse Series (Classic)

Game: baldi rp


The game have 10 rooms and many of morphs,2D,3D,NEW,YOUTUBERS,ROBLOX,UNDERTALE,MODS. The RP map is Bloxburg,Carolina.


Is the old version of ROBLOX Baldi's Basics by RyansoPlaying map with the some normal BBIEAL chara with the Baldi Forest and other details.


Is part of the RP map but is the zone of tycoons,with the first characters of Baldi,are mansions with the same things but except the colors.

Baldiverse Series 2



Is the first season of the Baldiverse Series 2,at this moment only have a obby in the game what is fusioned with catalog Baldi Obbys what you can go through with the lobby RP morphs and in the end win hats,the paths are deleted for avoid trolling and game explote.

Coming Soon!

The upcoming Season of the Baldiverse Series 2 are:

  • Baldi Box Race
  • Tales
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