Baldi's Basics Roblox Wiki

Baldiverse Series was a project created by the user noobOfRW. It was planed to have 21 Seasons and 7 chapters with many game styles of Roblox but it only ended up having roleplay, survival and tycoon and the Baldiverse Series II which is its own game.

The game was cancelled and it's re-incarnation is The Schoolhouse Roleplay.

Baldiverse Series (Classic)

The game has been removed and for the moment there's the survival version as a replacement made before the Baldiverse Series concept. Game link:


It had 10 rooms which almost all of them had morphs: 2D morphs, 3D morphs, new morphs, youtubers morphs, Ryanso Morphs, Undertale morphs, mods morphs. The RP map was Bloxburg, Carolina map from the Roblox Studio toolbox with tons of random stuff splattered around.


It was a fanmade version of the ROBLOX Baldi's Basics by RyansoPlaying map with the some normal BBIEAL characters with the Baldi Forest and other details. The fanmade map used:


It was part of the RP map but with it's own extension full of tycoons about the main Baldi cast. The tycoons were mansions with the colors of each character.

Baldiverse Series 2

Game link:


It was the first season of the Baldiverse Series 2. It only is an obby that you could go through the lobby RP morphs and in the end there's hats (paths were removed to avoid trolling).

Box Race

It was the second season of the Baldiverse Series 2. It is the typic box race game, with Baldi Boxes and Baldi themed obstacles.

The remaining season was called Tales but it was cancelled.