baldis basics the lost files(or baldis basics 8) is a a game on roblox(not) about baldis old files lost in the weird side of roblox...

characters and items


baldi- the look is defintily different

playtime-the look is defintily different



gotta sweep-ditto

a&c- woah, stupendium?!

1st prize-ditto

party demon-looks creepy...thanks for the gift though

filename2-he has a mouth now!?

cloudy copter-details missing

2 head guy-why is he shouting at you? to give away the location of you?

talkery-hey that's me! im gonna help you through this mess.

testdithered-still a parrot thing...I guess?

denied cellar- hey, we know him!...but from where?

filename1- he's not supposed to be he-AAAAAAHHHH!


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