Baldi's Basics in Special Things is a Game its not Horror But i Scrapped Fleld Trips Because it Does Not match

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V1.5 Update Edit

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Scrapped items Edit

Scrapped Characters Edit

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New Characters Edit

  • Gotta Binky
  • Dooble Double (Scrapped)
  • Shy Man (Scrapped)
  • Sweeping Noob V2 (Scrapped)
  • Poilce Man (Scrapped)
  • 2 Headed Baldi (Scrapped)
  • Cilpy (Scrapped)
  • Cyborg (Scrapped)

Game Over Screens (Removed) Edit

Note: The Game Over Screens Don't Even Look Scary At All?!?!?!

Pirate Screens Edit


Going to Be Next Update Edit

  • Timtom (Scrapped)
  • Dr. Reflex (Scrapped
  • Penny item
  • Stamina (Scrapped, GUI Not Working)
  • Coach (Coming Soon)
  • Baldi
  • Arts And Crafters

items To Be Next Update Edit

  • Penny
  • Signal Bomb
  • Teleporter
  • Grabbing Hook
  • bomb

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