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RobloxIcon.png This article belongs to the Baldi's Basics in Plus Contents ROBLOX Game.

Baldi's Basics in Plus Contents is a undeleted game and finished A WIP

Security's Trivia

  • Security's Sprite in Game well be fixed next day
  • in The Normal Version, Security Does Not Steal items Because there is no items in the game

0th prize's Trivia

  • 0th Prize is A Crossover Character in The Game in The Normal Version And Also Added in A 1.2.3 Update
  • 0th prize's Old Sprite With His HD Sprite And Holding Gotta Sweep, That Was Scrapped in normal Version
  • in 1.4.3q And Older Versions He Had a Bug About When The Player Has a Grabbing Hook And Useing BSODA 0th Prize Follows Around The Bug Was Removed Because There is No items in Game

Other Characters

  • Coach
  • Superintendent

Removed Characters

  • Weird Principal
  • Weird Playtime

Removed Characters Trivia

  • in All Versions When Seeing Weird Principal He Will follow You Around
  • Playtime is Removed Because The Jumprope is Hard to Jump

What Characters Do


  1. Security Will Go Around the Halls Coach Will Make A Low Pitched 1st Prize Sound And Walks Around Halls Slowly 0th prize Will Go Around The Halls Trumpet Boy Will Follow The Player Superintendent Will be invisible in Game And Walks Around The Halls AND MORE