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Baldi's Basics Multiplayer is a great game inspired by The original Baldi's Basics. In this game Baldi needs to hunt down the students before they collect all 7 notebooks and escape the school.


  • Skins - This version features a very basic skin system, where you can change your appearance as Baldi. This skin system is considered superior to the skin system used in The Schoolhouse.
  • Codes - In this game you can use codes to gain additional perks and benefits.
  • Shop - This version features a shop and currency system where you can buy perks to make the game easier.
  • Player Baldi - This version features a playable Baldi.

Playable Mobs

Baldi - Prevent students from escaping before time runs out

Principal Of The Thing - Try to catch the student running Cost:10 quarters

1st Prize' - Push students for stoping them Cost:5 quarters'

Playtime' - Try force student for helping Baldi Cost:15 quarters'

Let's Drum' - Distract student by getting close Cost:5 quarters'

Superintendent' - Mark students for Baldi Cost:5 quarters'

Arts And Crafters - Blind students by getting close Cost:5 quarters

Gotta Sweep' - Move students and Baldi with your high speed Cost:15 quarters'


  • Baldi - Baldi is present as the Player Baldi.
  • Principal Of The Thing - a Character that sends the target to detention if he sees the target breaks the school rules.
  • Playtime - Force the target to play jump rope when anyone is near to her.
  • It's a Bully - Blocks the way, if you give him an item he will leaves and came to an different locations.
  • Gotta Sweep - a Character that pushes everyone that stands in his way.
  • Arts And Crafters - Sends the target and Baldi to a certain point on the map, if the target has 7 notebooks. In later updates he now spills ink at the player, blinding them for awhile.
  • 1st Prize - Can pushes the player when it get close a bit further.
  • Let's Drum - a Character with a purple skin. If a student gets too close for too long Let's Drum! will play his drums, preventing the student from hearing Player Baldi.
  • Superintendent - If the Superintendent sees a Student walking past him, he will report the Student to Player Baldi, which will mark the Student temporary.
  • Happy Holidays - This Present will give you a random item and sing a distorted Christmas jingle.
  • Librarian - A NPC that gives you a bookmark when you give him a quarter.
  • Bendy - Bendy was a ink demon that helps Baldi from hunting the player.

Mob Skins

  • Diamond Baldi - Diamond Baldi was present to be as Baldi's skins, this skin was available when you join the Good Ape group.
  • Fandroid - Fandroid was present to be as Baldi's skins.
  • Neighbor - Neighbor was present to be as Baldi's skins.
  • Granny - Granny was present to be as Baldi's skins.

Mentioned/Pictured Mobs

  • Cloudy Copter - Cloudy Copter will seen most of the fanarts.
  • FileName2 - FileName2 will seen most of the fanarts.
  • Joe - Joe was only mentioned on his school bus.
  • Friend - Friend was only mentioned.
  • It's a Wizard - It's a Wizard was only mentioned.
  • Mad Rock and Mr. Piece - Mad Rock and Mr. Piece were only mentioned.
  • Ori and Poppy - Ori and Poppy are in a black wall and were been pictured with a text, R.i.p Ori - R.i.p Poppy.
  • Let's Taiko - Let's Taiko will seen most of the fanarts.




Strange Scripts

  • Librarian: A script called SurfaceGUI Just has a textlabel that is invisible saying: dont delete this its so i know where the library is when testing