Baldis Basics 2 Is An Unfinished Baldi Game By KitOdin

It Released August 4th Its Planned Release Was July 27th

The Game Is A Spoof Of Baldis Basics But With More Rooms

Its Link Is

More Updates Have Long Delays Its First Version Was 1.0

On August 6th Update 1.0.1 Was Released Making The Game For Everyone

On August 24th To August 25th 1.1 Was in Development The First Thing Added Was Zesty Machines On The 24th

And The 25th The Baldi Office Wall Was Fixed After A Cursor Issue That Caused The Wall To be Placed Off-Set

And A New Lobby Was Added With Cloudy Copter On The Same Day 1.1 Was Ready To Be Released

In November/December Badges became a thing in the Game

In January, Mod Morphs were in Dev as 1.4 Begins Development

Changelog(1.2 - 1.4)

1.2 = Badges! and New Morphs!

1.2.1 1 Extra Badge


1.4 = Placeface added, Changed Gotta Sweep

1.4.1 = TestDithered + Posters

Description(Without Hashtags)

Another Good Game Note I Made It For Baldis Basics Credit To Mystman12 For Baldis Basics Credit To Mime Fan 2018 For History Notebook(Des Coming)

New Characters



Mr Crate


History Notebook



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