Event Quote Audio
Close to a target Can I have free stuff please?
Noob Nearby1
don8 pl0x!
Noob Nearby2
By either Gotta Sweep or the player's BSODA
Reported Noob!
Noob Pushed1
OMG Noob!
Noob Pushed2
Stop! Reported!
Noob Pushed3
Caught by the target Oh no! I've been caught!
Noob Caught1
You caught me! Darn it!
Noob Caught2

Stealing an itemEdit

Event Quote Audio
Unobtainable item, Baconhair steals it from Baldi
Oh wow! a Limited Ruler! Thanks so much!
Noob Steal Ruler Classic
Oh wow! a Limited Balloon! Thanks so much!
(Clown Skin)
Noob Steal Ruler Clown
Oh wow! a Limited Baton! Thanks so much!
(Police Skin)
Noob Steal Ruler Police
Oh wow! a Limited Plunger! Thanks so much!
(Janitor Skin)
Noob Steal Ruler Janitor
Oh wow! a Limited Staff! Thanks so much!
(Zombie Skin)
Noob Steal Ruler Zombie
BSODA Thanks for the drink!
Noob Steal BSODa1
Thanks! I was thirsty.
Noob Steal BSODa2
Energy Flavored Zesty Bar Oh free food! Thanks!
Noob Steal ZBar
Coin A Shiny quarter! Thanks.
Noob Steal Coin1
Free money! Thanks.
Noob Steal Coin2
(or spying equipment)
I'll take that weird device!
Noob Steal Device1
The device is mine!
Noob Steal Device2
Unobtainable item, Baconhair steals it from Let's Drum
Thanks for the drums!
Noob Steal Drums
Key Thanks for the key!
Noob Steal Key
Lock Thanks for the lock!
Noob Steal Lock
Safety Scissors Safety scissors! Might be useful.
Noob Steal SafetyS
Other/Unidentified item Thanks for the donation!
Noob Steal Other1
This thing is mine!
Noob Steal Other2
The target has no items
You got nothing!
Noob Steal Nothing1
Thanks for nothing!
Noob Steal Nothing2
You got nothing! Noob.
Noob Steal Nothing3
You got nothing noob!
Noob Steal Nothing4

Using an itemEdit

Event Quote Audio
BSODA WOW! It's so refreshing!
Noob Use BSODa
Baldi's anti hearing device
I wonder what this button does...
Noob Use Device
Unobtainable item, Baconhair steals it from Let's Drum
I like to drum!
Noob Use Drums
Principle's Key Nobody can lock me up!
Noob Use Key
Lock Locked the door!
Noob Use Lock1
The path is closed!
Noob Use Lock2
Unobtainable item, Baconhair steals it from Baldi
I owned you noob!
Noob Use Ruler
Safety Scissors
Can only be used on Playtime
Keep crying noob!
Noob Use SafetyS1
That's right! You deserve it!
Noob Use SafetyS2
Spying Equipment
Everything other than the targets is considered 'Friendly'
I see you! (Hostile)
Noob Use Wallhax Enemy
No one can hide from my sight! (Self and Friendly)
Noob Use Wallhax Friendly
Energy Flavored Zesty Bar WOW! It's so tasty!
Noob Use ZBar1
Noob Use ZBar2

Interaction with It's a Bully!Edit

Event Quote Audio
Got no items OMG Move already!
Noob int Bully Blocked1
Don't block the way!
Noob int Bully Blocked2
Lost an item to the bully Hey! That's mine!
Noob int Bully Steal1
You can't take away my stuff!
Noob int Bully Steal2

Interaction with PlaytimeEdit

Event Quote Audio
Hears Playtime
'I wanna play with someone!'
I don't care!
Noob int Playtime IWPWS1
Play with someone else!
Noob int Playtime IWPWS2
Jumping Rope Nooooo Stop!
Noob int Playtime JumpRope

Interaction with The PrincipalEdit

  • Note: The principal will only send Baconhair to detention if he was caught running in the halls, or if he was caught using safety scissors on Playtime.
Event Quote Audio
About to be sent to detention I'm sorry! Noooooooo!
Noob int Principle Detected
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